APC, the leading database marketer for Vehicle Services Contracts (VSC) in the Automotive Industry announced it has achieved SOC 2 Type II certification, the gold standard for data security and compliance.

With a whopping 78% of car shoppers turning to third-party online websites to begin their vehicle purchasing journey, dealerships need to try and combat this by attracting those buyers into their showrooms.

At Automotive Product Consultants we always emphasize the power of increasing revenue beyond vehicle sales. There are many overlooked revenue opportunities in dealerships, but taking the time to realize them is a great way to transform the bottom line. These are four methods that owners and general managers of dealerships can use to increase revenue.

The competition for customers between automotive dealerships is fierce. Consumers are more involved than ever before in purchasing processes and are easily able to compare dealerships to find the best fit. With access to the internet for online research, recommendations, dealership comparison, and even vehicle purchases, customers can change dealerships easily, and dealers are feeling the pressure of learning how to keep customers returning to their store.

When a customer is buying a new or used vehicle, they are usually offered a vehicle service contract as an extra option for protection. About 60% of consumers don’t buy a service contract when they purchase their vehicle. This could be for many reasons – the vehicle may be under factory warranty, or the consumer may not fully understand what a service contract entails and whether the cost is worth it. Read on to learn about the benefits of a vehicle service contract and who consumers looking for this coverage should purchase from.

Beyond the gleaming showroom floors and polished vehicle displays, branding is the unseen force that distinguishes one dealership from another. The success of a dealership doesn’t solely rely on vehicle sales, but also relies on the strength of a dealership’s brand. Read on to learn why dealership branding is important and how it can transform a dealership into a beacon of success within the automotive industry.

New technology in the automotive industry provides a variety of attractive options for consumers. From smart integrations to advanced safety features, customers are visiting dealerships to try out the newest models and learn about the benefits.

Many factors contribute to success, and among them is the delivery of exceptional customer service. The quality of service provided to vehicle buyers can make or break a dealership’s reputation and bottom line.