If you’re an agent working with automotive dealerships, you already know that ensuring customer satisfaction and retention while boosting revenue is a challenge that dealership principals face on a daily basis.

Dealers today are being confronted with the reality of consolidation throughout the automotive industry. The dealerships themselves are often acquired by large dealer groups or even competition. Agency partners, administrators, and others are also impacted by consolidation – agencies buy agencies, administrators partner together, and other companies are joining to grow business. Many industry experts predict that consolidation will be an ongoing trend, so it’s important to think about the future and how best to plan for how your dealership can keep its identity if it joins another group.

It can be difficult for dealerships to motivate their sales teams – vehicle sales are intensive, and employees can easily be drained. Sales managers need to understand that they must also focus on rewarding their employees in ways that go beyond their paychecks.

Everyone deserves to feel motivated by the work they do for their sales manager.